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Plastic tray to the development of wooden pallets tremendous influence

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Plastic tray in China is in rapid growth. At present, the domestic circulation required about 80 million pallets per year, of which exports 20 million, total demand will grow further. Although plastic tray market late, the cost is relatively high, but still more than 10 percent per year growth rate.

In general, the total amount of the tray is a measure of a country with one of the country's level of modern logistics operation level mark. Compared with foreign countries, the gap between China's large tray application level, according to the survey, China has a total tray conservative estimate of about 1 to 130,000,000. According to the statistics of the tray are per capita less than 0.1.

From the use of point of view, the majority of our pallets do not form a reasonable mechanism for smooth flow, the use of pallets used to transport most of the work is also a small warehouse and transportation between. Since the supply chain is too long tray, thus greatly reducing the operational efficiency of the product additional increases. At present, China in addition to the large-scale advanced enterprise management level of production, general business handling charges proportional share of the total cost of up to about 40%, which fully shows the bottom of the tray application level.

According to figures released by authoritative organizations tray indicates that from a tray and put into use and disposal of the resulting benefits equivalent to several times its own value. During use of the tray main problem is for sales of pallets, essentially with the transfer of ownership of the product so that it becomes a one-time, which resulted in many companies need a lot of money each year for the purchase of pallets This part of the costs attached to the value of goods carried, commodity costs increased substantially. Since the tray is mainly used for internal operations, so the pallet recycling rate is very low, the pace of the development of social applications tray very slowly.

Accounting for about 90% of wooden pallets pallets of the total, accounting for about 8 percent of plastic trays, steel, wood and other materials tray about 2%. The earliest Chinese enterprises generally use wooden pallets, mainly steel and plastic tray price is high. Because it is a one-time use of wooden pallets, strict, low prices, strong teaching acceptance. But as the needs of the community awareness of environmental protection and sustainable development, the Chinese government has banned deforestation, but also to increase afforestation efforts to improve forest cover China. These factors to the development of wooden pallets tremendous impact, but also for the development of plastic pallets provides the perfect opportunity.

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